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Gank is a card game inspired by MOBA video games. The game abstracts the map, players and ambushes into a 2 player card game. Players play their cards into three lanes on the table, then play additional cards to reinforce their lanes.


Gank only requires two players and a standard deck of 52 cards (plus the 2 joker cards).

Object of the Game

The main objective of the game is to have a higher total sum value in 2 of the 3 lanes.

Value of Cards

The value a card has is equivalent to their number. The value for the face cards are as follows: Joker (0), Ace (1), Jack (11), Queen (12) and King (13).


Phase 1

  1. Both player draws 6 cards, then proceed to discard 1.

  2. Players then play 3 cards, each face down onto the table.
    (Forming a 3 column, 2 row grid with a small gap between the rows.)

  3. Once each player has played their 3 card, they can be flipped.

Phase 2

  1. Both players add a Joker to their hand. Players now choose cards from their hand to place face down on each of their lanes/columns.

  2. Once each player has played their hand, they can be flipped.

  3. The added value of each stacked pair of cards is compared, the player with the highest value wins that lane.

  4. Players need 2 out of 3 lanes to win, if this condition is not, then all non Joker cards on the table are discarded and a new round begins.