My Public Projects

  • This is the website for the Lancaster University Rock and Metal society.
  • Civilization VI Shuffle & Randomization This is a web tool to help randomize settings in civilization VI games.
  • Hazardman This was my entry into the ANYTHING GOES JAM (game jam). I joined the jam late, but I was able to create a rough prototype in those two days.

Other Stuff I’ve worked on

  • Final Year Project. Using Unity and I created a 6+ player multiplayer game. Players controller their “duck” using a webpage on their smartphones.
  • Second Year Group Project. Using an old Java API we created a 3 level shoot ‘em up space game. This game supported 2 players (on one keyboard).
  • College Project. I created a simple rogue-like prototype using monogame.
  • WordPress site for Shepley Engineers. I alongside a few others created a website for Shepley Engineers that is no longer publicly available (while at College).
  • LNSA. This was a simple application meant to display the output of the command “ipconfig” in a visually pleasant manner.