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My Past Games and Projects


In the future, my blog will be filled with ongoing projects and life updates. However, rather than wait or allow the "new website" post to be the first post, I've decided the first post can be an overview of past projects.

Moon Miss Shot:
Created for the GitHub Game Off 2020 Game jam. This prototype was created in Unity with some of the free time I had in November 2020. You launch a ship to the moon but miss and must power up an orange launchpad using 45 green energy tokens on some nearby asteroids.

Made in 2 Days for: Anything Goes Jam [8 Bits to Infinity].

Civr Tool:
This project is no longer maintained and is not of the "best quality"... but it's still useful.

Some background: not too long ago I was playing a game of Civilization VI with a friend, and while setting up the game I wanted to have randomized settings. This problem resulted in me creating this tool.